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            of Locust Grove, VA

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We had our final Good Time Cruise-In for the 2018 season on Saturday October 13.  We met a lot of nice people and they showed us some terrific cars and trucks.  We will start the 2019 season on Saturday April 13 and are looking forward to more great cars and trucks.  We will continue to post schedules of local car events and other interesting automotive information.  Stay with us; we will return to our cruising early next spring.

We introduced Valve Cover Racing at our April 14 Cruise-In
Learn More by Searching "Valve Cover Racing" on Youtube. 
Looks like great family fun.

Valve Cover Racer (VCR) Rules

Chuck Shotwell 3-14-2018

1. 30” max Over All Length
2. 10” max OAW
3. 10” max OAH
4. 10 pounds max weight
5. No engines or propulsion
6. No moving weights
7. Nothing extends beyond the front of VCR including wheels/tires.
8. VCR will be based on a real automobile valve cover.
9. VCR must have 4 (four) wheels that are no more than 6” diameter with a non-metallic surface contacting the track.

Race Rules

1. The first VCR to cross the finish line wins
2. All ties to be broken by best 2 out of 3 re-race
3. Re-race lane choice determined by coin toss
4. All decisions by Trackmaster are final

Junior Class

1. Maximum age 13 years.
2. 90% of VCR build must be done by junior

 For more details and pics visit Virginia Valve Cover Racing on Facebook


A well deserved recognition of the bridging of two car clubs for a common cause of raising funds for our communities. Thank you to the Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club for your 2017 Participation with Good Time Cruisers of Locust Grove.

Thanks go out to our Tonda and Hoppy Hopkins for working this project.
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Good Time Cruisers Facebook pages.

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Hoppy & Tonda's Mini-55 Ford Sunliner


See more photos in Members' Rides in our Club Photo Albums Page.
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